Catch The Big Fish

There are several factors to take into consideration when prepping yourself and your company to approach larger clients.

Let’s start by looking at the three paths most businesses take and show you which one is the path to success. Then we’ll talk about the mindset that is needed to attract the big fish.

There are three major paths a business can take:

  • Snail Speed
  • Shooting Star
  • Catch the Big Fish

Snail Speed

Most business owners end up working themselves into the ground without much reward or success. This is what happens when you fool yourself into thinking you will find quick success. You may also find yourself following this path when you are afraid of change.

Shooting Star

This describes a business that shoots to the top so fast that they are overwhelmed and don’t have the right resources in place to adapt. This can also happen from being overwhelmed by too many small clients and not taking the time to find large clients which will sustain your business and growth after the smaller clients fade away.

Catch the Big Fish

This is the path that allows you to build at a steady pace and create something that you can manage by not allowing your customers to outpace you. You can do this by putting these tips to work:

  1. Attract, keep, and lock in big clients.
  2. Integrate “big business” culture into your company and employees.
  3. Acquire the expertise you need to grow.
  4. Have the courage to make changes as you grow.

Make a shift to the “big fish” mindset. It may sound easy to just find and catch that big fish, but if you are stuck in the small business mindset, you may find it harder than you think.

Think of all the benefits of aiming for bigger clients:

  • Less Expensive
  • Highly Profitable
  • Longevity
  • Security

To catch the big fish, you need to believe that your company can make a difference and provides value. It’s easy to be intimidated by a large company and believe that they don’t need your services, but this is entirely wrong!

Once you look at how big companies operate, it’s important to know which ones are the best fit with your company. One of the best ways to get in the door is by knowing someone on the inside who can put in a good word for you.

If you’re not sure where to start and feel a intimidated about catching big fish, contact REVVD to get help from our amazing revenue consultants.


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