March 31, 2022

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Be One with the Fish

Be One with the Fish

In the last post we started talking about getting bigger clients or catching the “big fish”.  These are the types of clients that will sustain your business over the long run by creating consistency. We’re going to take that a step further by talking about how to understand and think like a big fish company and how that can help you plan your approach and find success. Before you can start the process of landing big clients, you must make sure your entire team is onboard with your approach and vision. There are six keys to finding big client success. First Impression: You have one shot to land a big client. If you make a mistake, they aren’t going to consider you again. Never give them a reason to doubt your abilities. Priority: Your big clients must always feel like they are your priority. Return calls and emails immediately and find solutions to their problems or questions as quickly as possible. Flexible: You need to be flexible in your negotiations. If they need a special service or for you to customize a product, say yes for the benefit of the long term. A little hassle now will be a big payoff later. Long-term: This goes along with the last one. As you are approaching and negotiating with big clients you need to think about the long-term benefits for your business. If you go for a one-time big score, you may lose their interest and the ability to have them as

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