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Jake Dalebout | Account Executive at NOWCFO

” Color of Sales helped me with understanding the flow of my calls with a good starting, mid, and final points in my conversations. It helped me to get a better perspective of what information I want to gather and how to build trust with people as I speak with them. I think there are some good psychological aspects and emotional responses from people that are important to understand. “

Aubry Rositano | Business Development Representative at NOWCFO

” Color of Sales has helped me become more mindfulness in each conversation. There are so many benefits to each color and the balance between both personal and professional is essential, to not only grow those relationships but to sustain them. It’s a good quality to be curious in others’ lives but to also remain curious professionally so that you can be a valuable resource. “

Madeline West | Training and Organizational Development Director at Scalability

” As someone new to sales, The Color of Sales has really helped me find my footing. This program gave me the opportunity to ask advice and share stories with both experts and other sales reps while helping me to hone my skills. Now, when I feel uncertain in a meeting, I know how to get unstuck and back on track using the skills and language analysis techniques I have learned. I would definitely recommend The Color of Sales to anyone looking to improve their sales skills through a fun and easy to follow program. “

Luke Hartman | Account Executive at NOWCFO

” I’ve found the COS training helpful in that we are highlighting/naming skills that many of us already use naturally. It’s helpful when reviewing calls/meetings to analyze and improve. “

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