REVVD’s engagements are 100% custom to your business needs.
We work with you to analyze your current sales efforts and target the areas that will help your business take off.

Growth Strategy and Innovation

Stop buyers from slipping through the cracks. Whether it’s shortening your sales cycle, or better pipeline management REVVD is here to help.

  • Identify joint ventures and strategic partnerships
  • Down selling strategies for higher conversions
  • Upselling and add-ons for more profit
  • Cross-selling opportunities
  • Expansion of product and service offerings for your clients
  • Bundling to create value
  • Pricing for success
  • Exit strategies

Sales and Service Coaching and Training

Processes and systems can make or break your sales efforts. We can help you identify, develop, and integrate the sales tools that best fit your business.

  • How to Teach, Tailor and Take Control
  • Selling Style Assessments to Identify Top Performers
  • Time management tools
  • More productive sales meetings
  • Using data and metrics for better information and results
  • Creating consistency from the top down
  • Proper positioning and messaging
  • Script development
  • Color of Sales – Proprietary sales language training program

People Performance​

Recruit and build a high-performance sales team that outsells the competition. We’ll show you how to implement the best recruiting and hiring practices that can support your needs—whether it’s high turnover or you’re growing out of control.

  • Identify and hire peak performers
  • Provide meaningful and effective training
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support
  • Develop training material and collateral
  • Advise on culture and compensation models that will increase loyalty
  • Provide personal development and other value-added resources
  • Utilize internships for cost savings

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