April 21, 2022

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Who’s Your MVP?

Who’s Your MVP?

In the last post we talked about making first contact with your prospective “big fish” and how to make a positive first impression. Today we’re going to talk about feeling out the personality of that prospect so that you can match them up with the right salesperson. This can be done in two steps: Profile your salespeople so that you know and recognize their personality. Match the right salesperson to the prospect. There are essentially three different selling personality types: The Sage The Pal The Pit Bull   The Sage This salesperson offers knowledge, experience, comfort, and trust. They can make a concerned customer feel at ease. They are comfortable providing plenty of information to the prospect like a demo of the product/service, references and case studies. The Pal Much like it sounds, this is a salesperson that shines at building relationships. They can instantly relate to the prospective client and make them seem like old friends. They work best with clients who are looking for friendship, information and in a similar peer group as the salesperson. This can include anything from age and culture to hobbies and nightlife. While, sharing experiences can be beneficial to creating a new relationship, your salesperson must always keep it professional and dignified. This person is comfortable entertaining (or schmoozing) and may require a budget for these type of activities. The Pit Bull Obviously, this personality type is more aggressive than the others. They are all about business and the bottom line. While this

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